AGrid – Spring’22 Release Updates

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AGrid offers various productivity improvement features such as improved filters, flow actions, and rich text field support in Spring ‘ 22 release.

Feature Enhancements with Spring 22

  • Actions 
    • Parent Id variable support 
    • Launch Flow in larger window size 
  • Filters 
    • Simplified Filter Logic: Any Condition is Met (OR) 
    • Date Literals Support on Filters 
    • Range Support 
  • Preferences 
    • Disable Preferences 
    • Managed Preferences 
    • Display Label only in Preference 
  • Inline Editing 
    • Rich Text Area support 
    • Record Type-based Picklist value 
  • Export 
    • Disable columns in Export 
  • Others 
    • Multi-currency support

Parent Id variable support

Parent Id (parentId) and the parent field name (parentFieldName) are passed to the flow while launching the Lightning Flow actions at the list view. This is handy for admins and developers to identify the Flow context and build their logic around it. 

Launch Flow in Larger Window Size

We see a lot of adoption of AGrid Lightning Flow actions, and many users are concerned about the size of the Flow window. In the Spring ‘22 release, we increased the Flow window size by 90% to avoid vertical and horizontal scroll for many use cases.

Simplified Filter Logic: Any Condition is Met (OR)

To make multiple filter conditions using OR criteria, the admin or user enter it manually in custom criteria. Instead, the “Any conditions are met (OR)” option was added in filter logic to do it in a single click. 

Step 1: Create more than one filter condition in Configuration Filter, Intelligent Related List, Managed Preferences, or Preferences. 

Step 2: Instead of typing custom conditions with multiple ORs, simply select the “Any conditions are met (OR)” option.

Date Literals Support on Filters

Date Literals support for Date and Date-Time fields. It is essential to apply filters like This Year, Last Year, This Month, Last Month, etc. This is available on Column filters, Preferences, Configuration Filters, Intelligent Related List, and Managed Preferences.

Range Support

Using the range support, users can filter the records using “Between” and “Not Between” operators for the fields like “Date, Number, Percentage, Time, Currency. This is available on Column filters, Preferences, Configuration Filters, Intelligent Related List, and Managed Preferences.

Disable Preferences

By disabling the preferences from the AGrid configurations, end-users cannot see the gear icon from the list view component of AGrid. With that, the administrator can limit the creation of preferences by the end-user. It only allows the end-users to choose and pin the admin-created managed preferences.

Managed Preferences

Managed preferences are now available to configure with the concern of admin and share the preferences with their required users. Preferences created by the administrator are available in the list view like the preferences created by the end-user. End-users may only be able to clone the preferences by “Save As”.

Display Label only in Preference

The administrator users can now hide the API name(s) of the field used in preferences by enabling the “Show Field Label Only” in the AGrid configuration. 

Rich Text Area support

Inline editing and viewing for a rich text field are now available with the Spring ’22 release of AGrid. With this, users can edit and view their values without navigating to the related record detail page. This feature is not supported yet with the standard Salesforce interfaces. 

  • Allows support for Mobile and iPad view 
  • Allows support for card view in Desktop

Record Type-based Picklist value

The values of picklists and multiple picklists are now made by record type restrictions with improved data integrity. Additionally, the administrator can disable the bulk inline edit for record type activated objects by de-selecting the “Disable Bulk Edit”.

Disable columns in Export

Using this feature, administrators can restrict a particular field from exporting the resulting columns in a list view. To use this feature, enable the “Exclude from Export” checkbox from the AGrid Column configuration.


If multi-currency is enabled in your Salesforce org, AGrid displays all currency field values in record currency and logged-in user currency. No additional configuration is required. 

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To learn more about AGrid, please visit our documentation here. If you need assistance to install, or configure AGrid, please raise a ticket in support portal.



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